Employee Referral App

Make the most out of your employees’ network for the best hires.

Employee Referrals are the Best Source of Hires for All Companies

No one can tell the story of your company better than your own employees.

Our Employee Referral Application is a fun, engaging iOS and Android app that employees can easily use to solicit and refer professionals from their LinkedIn and social media networks to interview with you. Our Employee Referral App promotes open positions with rewards and contests, that is both easy to use for both employee and employer.

Better than Ever for HR and TA Departments

Our Employee Referral App reduces a significant administrative burden on the HR team, with full transparency to the recruiter, the referring employee, and the potential candidate. No longer will emails fly around with what happened to the referrals, and where someone is in the process.

Easier than Ever for Employees

Our web and mobile app will automatically alert employees about new positions, allow them to make referrals in less than 30-seconds, and give them the ability to track their bonuses every step of the way!

Now Employees Can Market Job Opportunities with With the Click of a Button

Candidates can accept referrals from any device and apply directly in your Applicant Tracking System. Transparency and real-time communication is the foundation of any successful employee referral program. Allow your internal team to see who has been referred, who has been hired, and what bonuses have been earned.

Your employees know hundreds of professionals, but are only thinking about a handful of possible candidates when they consider referrals. Our Employee Referral App allows employees to connect their contacts to be automatically alerted when they know someone that is a good referral for your open positions.



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