Diversity and Recruiting

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion recruiting for underrepresented talent.

As a Minority-Owned Certified Business, Diversity Is In Our DNA

Workplace diversity is all about creating an inclusive environment for underrepresented talent. By having a Diversity Recruiting system in place, an organization can be highly benefited by its talent’s unique backgrounds and skillsets. Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DE&I) is here to stay and organizations of all shapes and sizes are benefitting from building diverse workforces.

According to McKinsey and Deloitte, companies with Diversity & Inclusion are statistically outperforming their peers. Gender-diverse companies can outperform competitors by 15% and ethnically-diverse companies by 35%

At Pierpoint International, we help Talent Acquisition teams recruiting underrepresented talent, achieving unbiased talent representation for their organizations.

Our goal is to help our clients achieve their DE&I goals. We have dedicated diversity recruiters, resulting in 80% diversity of our US candidate pipeline slates. Our solutions merge powerful technologies, highly experienced recruiters, candidate databases and social media groups to add a diverse pool of candidates to the funnel.

Externaland DE&I Efforts

Internal DE&I Efforts

Diversity is Part of Our Organizational Model

Our organization is diverse by nature, starting with our executive leadership. Our highly experienced management team has both strong Hispanic and Female representation, more than 40% of our overall staff is female and minority.

Diversity is Part of Our Organizational Model



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